The minimum requirements to be met by the Non-Thesis MSc. Program Candidates;

  • Candidates must hold a Bachelor's Degree or to be in a position to graduate during the Application Period,
  • Candidates must hold a valid ALES Score during the Application Period,
  • ​Candidates applying for Non-Thesis MSc. Programs whose medium of instruction are Turkish are not required to have a foreign language score,
  • Candidates applying for programs whose medium of instruction are English must have a valid YDS score, a minimum of 60 or other equivalent exams certified by ÖSYM equivalent to a minimum YDS 60,
  • General Achievement Score is calculated as follows: 
    General Achievement Score= 0.70*ALES Score + 0.30*Bachelor's Degree GPA
  • For a candidate to be successful, his/her general achievement score must at least be 50 out of 100.