The minimum requirements to be met by the MSc. Program Candidates; 

  • Candidates must hold a Bachelor's Degree or to be in a position to graduate during the Application Period,
  • Candidates must have a valid ALES score, a minimum of 55 in Quantitative Section or GRE Exam result, which has been certified by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK) equivalent to a minimum of ALES 55 Quantitative, 
  • Candidates applying for MSc. Programs whose medium of instruction is Turkish must have a valid YDS score, a minimum of 50 or other equivalent exams certified by ÖSYM equivalent to a minimum YDS 50,
  • Candidates applying for programs whose medium of instruction are English must have a valid YDS score, a minimum of 55 or other equivalent exams certified by ÖSYM equivalent to a minimum YDS 55, 
  • General Achievement Score is calculated as follows:
    General Achievement Score= 0.40*Entrance Exam Score + 0.10*Bachelor's GPA+0.50*ALES Score
  • For a candidate to be successful, his/her general achievement score must at least be 50 out of 100.
  • The candidates who do not sit in the entrance examinations (either oral/written) are considered failed and are not included in the announcement list.


​The above programs are the minimum requirements and the stated values can be determined differently with an offer by the Department and the Decision of the Gradaute School and by the Approval of the University Senate on the condition that they meet the minimum standards set by the Turkish Council of higher Education.

* For different ALES values set by the specific Departments, please click here.

* The Transportation MSc. Program of the Civil Engineering Department will accept German Language Score as well as English..

* For Computer Engineering MSc. Program, Bachelor's Degree GPA is >= 2.6