Ph.D. Programs
Computer Engineering   Computer Engineering Ph.D. Program
Bioengineering   Bioengineering Ph.D. Program
Environmental Engineering   Environmental Engineering Ph.D. Program
Electrical Engineering   Electrical Power Systems Ph.D. Program
  Electrical Machines and Power Electronics Ph.D. Program
Electronics and Communications Engineering   Electronics Ph.D.Program
  Communication Ph.D. Program
Industrial Engineering   Occupational Safety and Occupational Health Ph.D. Program
  Industrial Engineering Ph.D. Program
Physics   Physics Ph.D Program
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering   Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Ph.D. Program
Food Engineering   Food Engineering Ph.D. Program
Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering   Remote Sensing and GIS Ph.D. Program
  Geomatics Ph.D. Program
Civil Engineering   Geotechnical Engineering Ph.D. Program
  Hydraulics Ph.D. Program
  Mechanics Ph.D. Program
  Coastal and Port Engineering Ph.D. Program
  Transportation Ph.D. Program
  Structural Engineering Ph.D. Program
  Civil Engineering Ph.D. (English) Program
Statistics   Statistics Ph.D. Program
Chemistry   Biochemistry Ph.D. Program
  Chemistry Ph.D. (English) Program
  Analytical Chemistry Ph.D. Program
  Physical Chemistry Ph.D. Program
  Organic Chemistry Ph.D. Program
  Inorganic Chemistry Ph.D. Program
Chemical Engineering   Chemical Engineering Ph.D. Program
Control and Automation Engineering   Control and Automation Engineering Ph.D. Program
Mechanical Engineering   Energy Ph.D. Program
  Heat and Processing Ph.D. Program
  Manufacturing Ph.D. Program
  Construction Ph.D. Program
  Machine Theory and Control Ph.D. Program
Mathematics   Mathematics Ph.D. Program
Mathematical Engineering   Mathematical Engineering Ph.D. Program
Mathematics and Science Education   Science Education Ph.D. Program
Mechatronics Engineering   Mechatronics Engineering Ph.D. (30% English) Program
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering   Production Ph.D. Program
  Material Ph.D. Program
    History and Theory of Architecture Ph.D. Program
Architecture   Architectural Design Ph.D. Program
  Building Research and Planning Ph.D. Program
  Building Survey and Restoration Ph.D. Program
  Building Physics Ph.D. Program
  Computer Aided Architectural Design Ph.D. Program
  Building Ph.D. Program
Molecular Biology and Genetics   Molecular Biology and Genetics Ph.D. Program
Urban and Regional Planning   Urban Planning Ph.D. Program