M.Sc. Programs

Course Registration


-Course Registration dates, Add-Drop and Only Add Periods are announced in the corresponding Academic Calendars.


-The registration is online at Graduate Students Information System (GSIS): www.gsis.yildiz.edu.tr.


-For the user manual click here.


-In order to take courses from other universities, you must apply with the form "M-1" to your department for the approval of the Institute. 


-The details about Special Student Applications are announced during the corresponding application periods.


-The courses with less than 5 students registered will be announced to be closed after the course registration period. Those who have selected these courses should replace them with open courses in the Only Add Period.




-Seminar course is without credit and can be taken in any course semester.


-Seminar course has a distinct course code in the programs.


-Seminar course is not requisite for Non-thesis Programs.


Advisor Proposal


-Students must be assigned to an Advisor due the end of the 1st Semester.


-The Head of the Department is assigned as the default adviser to each student temporarily.


-Students must submit their Advisor Proposals with form "M-3" to the department for the approval of the Institute.


-If a Co-Advisor is necessary, you should apply with "M-8" for the approval of your Advisor, the Head of the Department and the Institute.


Thesis Subject


-Thesis Title; is proposed within the Advisor Proposal form "FR-347".


-For any change requests in Advisor/Thesis Subject,  students should apply with form "FR-355"


-Thesis title may also be changed by the Thesis Committee during the defense.


1st Submission and Thesis Committee Proposal


-Students who have completed at least 7 courses (21 Credits) and a Seminar Course with a GPA of at least 2,50 must apply online ( Start My Graduation Process left menu) in the required dates, in order to graduate in the planned semester. Students must obey the procedures announced in the general Graduation Calendar. Students have their own responsibility to have the submissions on time.


-For the 1st Submission the following documents should be submitted to the department;

1. 3 copies of the Thesis (spiral/paper bound)

2. Form "FR-338" with the approval of the Thesis Advisor

3. Form "FR-1088" Thesis Defensibility Form

4. Publication Documents

5. Publication approval form that can be taken after the approval of your publishing on 



-The student must also complete the plagiarism processes within this period. Click here for detailed information.

-Thesis Committee is proposed with form "M-12" to the department for the approval of the Institute. The Committee is assigned by the Executive Board.


-If there is a Co-Advisor and is proposed as a committee member, Thesis Committee consists of 5 members.




-Students submit the following documents to the Thesis Committee members


1.  The Formal Decision of the Executive Board

2.  1 copy of the Thesis (spiral/paper bound)


by filling in the form "M-13" and they have the form "M-14" signed by each Committee member.


-The Thesis Defense date is decided by the Thesis Adviser and should be announced at least 1 week before.


Thesis Defense


-Thesis examination report  "M-15" must be filled in by The Thesis Committee members during the defense and delivered to the Institute via the department in at least 3 days.


-Students who are advised to make changes may be given a 3 months time and are supposed to begin a new submission period.


-An unsuccessful defense results in Advisor/Thesis Subject change with a formal decision of the Institute Executive Board.


Final Submission


-Students who have successfully defended their thesis should prepare for the final submission with the following documents within at least 1 month after the defense.

1.  Thesis Format Check Form (Online Appointment)

2.  Final version delivery to the Committee Members (Form "M-17")

3.  1 copy of the Thesis (Hard Cover, signed by Committee Members)

4.  2 signed copies of the Thesis Data Entry Form completed for the Council of Higher Education (YÖK)

5.  1 CD including ReferenceNumber.Thesis.pdf, ReferenceNumber.Abstract.pdf and ReferenceNumber.Ozet.pdf with Cover Page "M-19"

6. Authorization for Library "M-16" 

7. Originality report "FR-1088"

8. Hard bound thesis submission form "FR-1243"

9. Student Information Form ("M-20" )




-Students who have successfully completed the above tasks and submitted their thesis to the Institute become graduated by the Educational Board.