Student Forms(Ph.D.)

IMPORTANT: For the forms whose number follows "FR", please follow the link and type the number of the form in the Search (arama) button.



D-1 Course Registration Form (YTU Students)


D-2 Course Registration Form (Students from Other Universities)


D-3 Ph.D. Thesis Advisor Proposal Form (Natural Sciences and Engineering Programs) 


D-4 Ph.D. Thesis Advisor Proposal Form (Mathematics, Mathematical Engineering, Statistics) 


D-5 Ph.D. Thesis Advisor Proposal Form (Architecture)


D-6 Ph.D. Proficiency Exam Application Letter


FR-0299  Ph.D. Thesis Submission Form


FR-300 Ph.D. Thesis Committee Proposal Form


FR-0304 Evaluation of Publications from Ph.D. Thesis


D-9 Ph.D. Thesis Monitoring Committee Proposal Form


D-12 Ph.D. Thesis Monitoring Committee Periodic Evaluation Report


FR-0308 Advisor/Thesis Subject Change Proposal Form


FR-0316 Special - Visiting Student Course Registration Form


D-11 Co-Advisor Proposal Form


D-23 Authorization Form for Online Publishing of Ph.D. Thesis Contents


FR-0348  PhD Dissertation Proposal Form


D-17 Commitment Form for Ph.D. Thesis Delivery to Committee Members


D-18 Form for Ph.D. Thesis Delivery to Committee Members


D-19 Ph.D. Thesis Evaluation Form


D-21 Evaluation Form for Sigma Journal Articles from Ph.D. Thesis


D-22 Defence Examination Report


D-24 Ph.D. Thesis Final Revision and Delivery Form of Hardcover Copy to Committee Members


D-26 Ph.D. Thesis CD Cover Page


D-27 Student Information Form


FR-1088-Thesis Defensibility and Plagiarism  Report


FR-1226 PhD Qualifier Written Exams I and II Report


FR-1227 PhD Qualifier Oral Exam Report


FR-1229 Jury Proposal Form for Written Qualifier Exams


FR-1230 Jury Proposal Form for Oral Qualifier Exam