Student Forms(M.Sc.)



IMPORTANTFor the forms whose number starts with FR, please follow the link and type the number of the form in the Search (arama) button.



M-1 Course Registration Form (YTU Students)


M-2 Course Registration Form (Students from other universities)


FR-0347 Thesis Advisor Proposal Form


M-6 Thesis Registration Form


M-8 Co-Advisor Proposal Form


FR-0355 Advisor/Thesis Subject Change Proposal Form


FR-0304 Evaluation of Publications from Master's Thesis


FR-0316 Special - Visiting Student Course Registration Form


FR-0338 Master's Thesis Submission Form


M-12 Thesis Committee Proposal Form


M-13 Commitment Form for master's thesis delivery to committee members


M-14 Form For Master's Thesis Delivery to Committee Members


M-15 Thesis Examination Report


M-16 Authorization Form for Online Publishing of Master's Thesis Contents


M-17 Master's Thesis Final Revision and Delivery form of Hardcover Copy to Committee Members


M-18 Thesis Information Form forCouncil of Higher Education Documentation Department


M-19 Thesis CD Cover Page


M-20 Student Information Form


FR-1088 Thesis Defensibility and Plagiarism Report