Yıldız Technical University



Established in 1911, the third oldest university in Turkey, Yildiz Technical University is a deep-rooted, nationally renowned institution and an international rising star with a total of more than 30 thousand students at ten faculties, two graduate schools and three vocational schools. As one of the four technical universities in Turkey, YTU inherits an outstanding science, technology and culture, and pioneers open access to academic research, technology and arts.


One of the objectives of YTU is to continue to improve its significant position in the world of science in many fields. Thus, it develops and offers a wide choice of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, from engineering disciplines, humanities to social sciences. And in order to enable students to gain hands-on experience and to expertise, its degree programs provide the opportunity of attachment to industry as part of the study. It also enables qualified students or academicians to participate in exchange programs.


Moreover, in order to meet innovative needs of businesses and to serve as a connector between industry and academy, Istanbul’s largest Science and Technology Park, the YTU Technopark was established. It aims to develop and create solutions in technology in cooperation with industrial organisations. It is a great opportunity for students to involve in this research environment as YTU Technopark enables internships at the companies, too.


In addition, you can find a lot of facilities and different types of social activities on the vibrant and green university campuses, one of which is located in Beşiktaş, viewing the Bosphorus, another in Davutpaşa, a peaceful large area with a blend of historical and modern buildings. In such dazzling environments the student organisations will help you take a moment to relax, share memorable experiences with other students and yet improve yourself either physically or intellectually, or even both.