Turkey represents a cultural diversity as a synthesis of east and west with the inheritance of various civilisations that have lived in the area throughout history. This richness when combined with its natural beauty renders Turkey a captivating country to tourists. And recently Turkey is becoming increasingly preferable for students, too.


Many students choose to study in Turkey not only because cost of living and education is relatively low compared to western countries but also owing to the high quality of its universities since education in Turkey is rapidly developing as a result of the hard work of the government and more than 60 research institutes and organisations such as TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research council of Turkey). The population of the country is mostly young and there are around 5.5 million university students, 54 thousand of which are foreign. In this environment, Turkey builds connections between students and local communities aiming to enable to exchange knowledge between theoretical education and practical one. Moreover, as a member of various international organizations that hold conferences in several fields it offers many opportunities to improve yourself.


Some other reasons can be added to the list such as its nature and culture. Turkey, a peninsula spreading over a large area, has diversity in the climate. The climate conditions lead into a number of natural landmarks such as the world famous Cappadocia and a UNESCO world heritage site Pamukkale, as well as various agricultural products being the basis of scrumptious Turkish cuisine in which you can find thousands of various tastes ranging from vegetables, meat, fish recipes to delicious desserts. Another remarkable feature of Turkey is the hospitality of its people. The way Turkish people treat to their guests is always friendly. When a foreigner is in need, they receive help from almost anyone, as they are no longer a foreigner but a guest. Turkish people do a lot to make you feel at home.


Turkey has been a regional power and continues to grow with the aid of the significance it gives to education. It is a good choice to study for the reasons mentioned here, or the ones you have on your own, and a good step to take for building your future.