Ranging from Asia to Europe and embracing both continents with its energy spreading from the centre of the old world, Istanbul is one of the most exciting cities on earth. It is not only physically but also culturally a bridge between Asia and Europe as a cosmopolitan city for it attracts many people to live and to study due to its vast business and educational opportunities. Istanbul, famous for its historical and natural landmarks, welcomes you with many things to see and do.


Since it has been inhabited for over 2,500 years, and ever since its establishment the city has played an important role in history, being the capital city of four empires; the palaces, mosques, bazaars and ancient ruins lead you into an amazing travel in time on the historic peninsula. In addition, museums offer examples of traditional and modern art, notably the ones on the coast from Karaköy to Beşiktaş, where you can enjoy the beautiful Bosphorus, as well.  


The city provides a variety of entertainment that satisfies student needs, too. There are a number of multi-screen cinemas, theatres, nightclubs, cafés and restaurants offering you the stunning Turkish food in addition to international tastes. And what’s more, cultural events like concerts or music and film festivals take place in Istanbul throughout the year. 


Istanbul is the biggest sports centre of the country with its facilities and events which are favourable to both spectators and competitors. Soccer is the favourite sport in the city being home to three very important clubs with thousands of fans and their stadiums host major events such as the matches of the Champions League or the UEFA.  Beside soccer, in Istanbul it is possible to do or watch any sports you can think of; from ball games, wind surfing, golf, horse riding to ice-skating, paragliding and many more.

Along with its splendid natural and historical beauties; fairs, cultural events, arts, sports activities, and both business and academic conferences as a trade centre and home to more than 40 universities, Istanbul has become a more and more preferred city to study beside being one of the top ten most visited cities of the world and it is looking forward to providing you with the experience of your life that you will remember for long.