General Information

The mission of universities is not only to train highly qualified workforce that our country needs but also to carry out scientific studies, train research staff and make these staff gain an eminent position in the knowledge economy, provide the society with the outputs acquired  from scientific thinking and research and contribute to the enrichment of social, cultural and economic life.


In the framework of the innovations which are brought to universities with higher education law no 2547, post- graduate programs have been initiated in many universities in our country. Post-graduate studentship which can also be characterized as scientific study and  research staff involves post-graduate and Phd programs and carried out by the institutes founded in the body of the universities. These institutes are responsible for offering post-graduate programs and ensuring the conduction of researches  providing interdiciplinary communication and coordination. The scientific and academic status of universities are measured by the number of scientific research activities in the institutes.


The objective of post-graduate education in the areas of engineering and sciences includes cultivating the personal intellectual depth in various working fields; providing access to information through scientific research ; giving the effective education for career in education, research, industry and management, and improving students’ abilities such as communication and leadership. For this reason, Instıtutes and related departments should take on a guiding role in the post-graduate and Phd programs that students have chosen themselves to broaden their horizons and to be much more productive in scientific and technological fields in their area of profession.


Today, it is possible to meet the expertise knowledge, which the modern technology requires as a consequence of the rapid developments especially in areas of engineering, with post-graduate programs and advanced research  preparing the students in different areas. For that reason, in fostering the collaboration between university and industry, in increasing the scientific and technological capacity of our country, in sustaining regional,  national and international projects and post graduate studies by carrying out research and development activities in which university, government and private sector collaborate the significance of institutes becomes prominent.


Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences has set its goals for the following years to become an institution that achieves advanced levels qualitatively and quantitatively aiming continuous progress and development, to become one of the leading institutions of contemporary science, to contribute to the development of Turkey and global science, to contribute to educate scientifically and technologically equipped individuals and qualified researchers in the areas of science and engineering with an effective post-graduate education by providing continuous assessment and improvement of the curriculum, to encourage advanced research topics and the introduction of new master degrees by monitoring the social needs and international developments in the areas of science and technology, to promote the quality of post-graduate edcucation, to train excellent competitive scientists and researchers in international platform who have adopted critical thinking as a life philosophy.