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2019-2020 Academic Year Fall Semester Graduate Programs Entrance Examinations

Entrance Examination

  • Please click here for the time and venue information for the graduate programs entrance examinations.
  • The candidates with approved e-Applications must attend the science examination (oral, written or both if applicable) at the relevant department at the annouonced time and venue.
  • The evaluation criteria are as follows:


For MSc./Ph.D. Programs; 

General Achievement Score= 0.25*Entrance examination score + 0.25*Bachelor's Degree/MSc. GPA + 0.50*ALES (GRE) score

For Non-Thesis MSc. Programs; 

General Achievement Score= 0.70*ALES (GRE) score + 0.30*Bachelor's Degree GPA

  • For a candidate to be successful in the entrance examination; the general achievement must at least be 50 out of 100 for Non-Thesis MSc. Programs; 60 out of 100 for MSc. Programs; 70 out of 100 for Ph.D. Programs.
  • The candidates who are not attending either of the entrance (written/oral) exams are considered to have failed the exams and are not included and graded in any of the admission lists.


All candidates who have submitted their online application and have had application approvals become entitled (elligible) to take entrance (scientific) examinations. 

The candidates who are going to take Msc. and Ph.D. Entrance Examinations must have the orginals and one photocopy for each of them with them while they are coming to the oral and/or examination rooms:

-A print-out of the application form
-Identity (Turkish Identity Card, Turkish Driving License or Passport)
-ALES/GRE Examination Report
-Foreign Language Examination Report
-Bachelor's Degree Transcript or MSc. Degree Transcript (For Ph.D. Applicants)
Please click here to see the required documents in addition to the above ones for the Candidates applying for the Graduate Programs of the Department of Architecture.

Take Notice:

1- You can get the print-out of your applicaiton from the Online Application System (Please click here for the illustrated instructions.
2- If a candidate cannot see his/her name on the "Candidate List or Attendance List", he/she must report to the the examination officials and following that our graduate school must be contacted regarding the candidate and his/her status of application must be verified (The candidates with no names on the above lists cannot take the entrance examinations.).
3-Please be in time for the examinations at the designated place, date and time (If the candidates are going to take the written exams must provide the required materials such as pencils and erasers themselves.).
4- Please submit the photocopies of the required documents above to the examination committees, not the originals. 
5-The candidates who have more than one application can only request the relevant department's examination committee members to be taken into the oral examinations at the first place on the lists or the last allowing them to take other oral exam for the department they have made their second application for on the condittion that the two departments or programs' examination time overlap. The initiatives for this matter belong to the examination committee members and it is the candidates' responsibility whether to be able to attend both or one of the examinations overlapping each other. If the examination committee members do not take initiatives or two written exams overlap, the candidates have to choose between their applications.