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Announcement for Non-Thesis MSc. Program Students having to make tuition fee payment for remaining course(s) or term project

 Please click here for Non-Thesis Programs Tuition Fees.

-          The students who are registered in Non-Thesis MSc. Programs and couldn't have completed their courses/term project during the regular period of study (1 semester/2 semesters) thus who are yet to graduate need to inform the Tuition Fee Department via about the course(s)/term project (by stating the name of the course(s) or project) they are going to add between September 15th - October 5th before they go to the bank to make the payment so as to be able to add course(s) on GSIS. The Tuition Fee Department will calculate the tuition fee to be paid and they will inform the bank about the amount.


-          The payment will be made online and the students do not have submit any invoice/receipt to the Tuition Fee Department.


-          The term peoject is "0" credits and charged 2 hours.