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2018-2019 Fall Semester Graduate Programs Entrance Exams

For those who have applied for graduate programs;


While you are coming to the written and/or oral exam(s), you need to bring the originals and one photocopy of each following document with you:
-The Printout of the Application Form
-ID Card (Either ID Card, Driving Licence or Passport)
-Foreign Language Result
-Undergraduate Transcripi and Master's Transcript (For Ph.D. Applicants)
Entrance Exam Information
For the place, date and time of the entrance exams, please click here.
1- You can get a printout of your application form at our  e-Application System (Please click here for illustration.
2- If a candidate's name is not on the "Canditate List/Attendance List", the invigilators must be notified immediately and after that Our Graduate School must be contacted to get further information regarding whether the Candidate has a valid application. (The candidates with no name on the list cannot sit in the entrance exam.)
3-Please be at the exam location in time for the exam. (The candidates who are to take the written exam must provide pencils and erasers for themselves.)
4- You must submit the photocopies of the documents stated above, not the originals. 
5-The candidates who prefered more than one department, in case of an overlap of two exams, they can only talk to the invigilators about prioritizing or delayin themselves for the oral exams depending on both oral exams they have to take. The invigilators are authorized to make a decision on the requests and the candidate himself is responsible for the outcome. In case of an overlap of the written exams or a negative decision by the invigilators for the oral exams, the candidates must choose one department to take the written and/or oral exams.
6-  For the department of Urban and Regional Planning Entrance Examinations, aside from the documents above, you need to bring a portfolio including the documents stated at the link attachedPlease click here to see the required documents for the portfolio.




-The applicants with confirmed applications must sit in the science examinaiton on the given date, time and place at the relevant department (oral, written or both accordingly).


The evaluation criteria are as follows:


-MSc./Ph.D Programs;

General Achivement Score = ALES (GRE/GMAT) * %50 + Undergraduate /MSc. GPA * %25 + (Entrance Exam Score) * %25