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Academic Amnesty Act No. 7143 Applications

The candidates who want to take advantage of the Amnesty Act must apply to the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences with Academic Amnesty Petition Form along with the required documents. Click here for detailed information on the application procedure


Application Dates:

Start          : 18.05.2018

Deadline   : 18.09.2018, till 16:30.

For the ones who are doing military service : They need to apply within the first two months following discharge.


The applications are made in person or through notarized proxy. 

The applications can only be made between the dates above. No application will be accepted after the deadline.



The Reuired Documents for Application:

1.Academic Amnesty Application Petition

2.Originally signed or e-signed criminal record

3.Diploma (Original and photocopy)

4.Transcript (Original and photocopy)

5.ALES/GRE Result (The year of enrollment or later)

6.Foreign Language Result (The year of enrollment or later)

7.The ID Card (Original and photocopy)

8.For International Students, Foreigners ID No and a Copy of the Passport

9.One (1) Photograph