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2017-2018 Spring Term-2 Late Graduation Applications

Spring Term -2 Late Graduation applications have started. The system closes at 17.00 on the last day of the applications.

Students who submit a project for their publication requirement must hand in a report, whose sample can be found on the link, which is to be taken from BAP.


  • In order not to have problems when applying, please update your profile.
    •             *The system does not allow you to submit an application if your answer to the question "Are you a YTU student?" is "No".
    •             *The system does not allow you to submit an application if you have submitted your passport number instead of your YU (ikamet)                 number.  
  • Do not forget to submit your application after completing your application. 
  • Application status will remain as "Checking in Progress" until May 14th.

 Minimum Publication Requirements for Graduation   Documents to Upload   Plagiarism Analysis


Spring Term - 2 Late Graduation Period

To Do First and Last Submissions Graduation Steps
Online application for graduation procedures  16th Apr-13th May 2018 Detailed Flow Chart
Publications approval by the Graduate School 14th May-6th May 2018  
Thesis upload on Turnitin for 1st plagiarism analysis 14th May-22nd May 2018  
Submission of final version of thesis which will be presented to the jury 14th May-22nd May 2018  
Thesis defense jury applications 14th May-30th May 2018  
Thesis defense exams 17th May-22nd June 2018  
Upload the defenced and accepted thesis onto Turnitin 17th May-22nd June 2018  
Submission of the final thesis whose format is checked 1 month at the latest after the defence