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Residence Permit Applications

The residence permit (ikamet) processes are going to be done by a committee that is going to come to Davutpaşa Campus on Thursday, 20 October, 2016.
You must get an appointment from their website. The appointment date can be any date until 20 October (there will not be any problems if you get an appointment for 19 October for example, what is crucial is that you have an appointment). 
Also , you must complete the documents stated in the document list . The two forms that you may find below are also obliged to be filled in:
Form 1
Form 2
You must be in Davutpaşa campus on 20 October with all the required documents. Please read the information in the document carefully and be cautious for typing errors especially regarding your contact information.
The address of the hall that you can meet the migration officers in Davutpaşa will be set later.
*Special students cannot apply for a residence permit.
*Student visa is not a requirement for ikamet application, any kind of visa is accepted if you do not exceed the time you have been given.


Residence permits of the students who have graduated, cancelled registration, changed department or changed their university are INVALID. These students must get a new appointment before they graduate or cancel their registration.


Example case: Residence permit of student A expires in March 2017. However, the student graduates in November 2016. The permit becomes invalid at the time of graduation. A new application must be done either before graduation or within at most 10 days after graduation.