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2016-2017 Fall Term Graduate Applications- Entrance Exam Documents

To the attention of candidates who are going to take the entrance exam,


You must bring the original and photocopy versions of the documents below to the written exam and/or  the interview: 
-Hard Copy of the Application Form
-ID card (either your National ID Card, Ikamet Card, Driving License or passport)
-ALES (or GRE) Score 
-English Proficiency
-Bachelor's Transcript and Master's Transcritp (for PhD applications)
1- You may find your application form on our e-Application System. (Application Processes/Application) 
2- If the name of a candidate does not appear on the "Candidate List/Signature List" on the exam date, the officials must be informed and you must contact our Graduate School to check the validity of the application of the candidate. (Candidates whose name does not appear on the related list cannot take the entrance exam.
3-Please arrive at the exam place before the exam starts. (Candidates who are taking  a written exam must bring their own pencil and erasers.) 
4- You must submit the exam committee the photocopies (not the original versions) of the documents. 
5-Candidates who have applied to more than one program may have conflicts. In such a case, there is only one solution where you contact the exam officials of the interviews and request to take the interview either as the first or the last on the list. The request may or may not be accepted depending on the officials' decision; however, the candidate is responsible of the request. If both exams are written or if the officials reject the request, the candidate must choose to take either of the exams.