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2016-2017 Fall Term Graduate Program Applications







Read the information below carefully in order to submit a correct and valid application. 




-Master's (with thesis) and Doctorate degree applications have started. You may submit your application on our e-application system on 06-22 June 2016. Please refer to our Academic Calendar for important dates. 


-Click here for the requirements. 


-Applications are to be submitted completely online and no documents are required to be uploaded during the application. 


-You cannot edit your application after you submit it. If you are planning to edit or make some changes on your application, you must save it as a draft, thus may edit it within the application period. 


-If you save your application as a "draft", please remember that you must submit it before the end of the application period. Otherwise, your application will not be taken into consideration. 


Note: Non-thesis Master's Program e-applications are to be submitted on our e-application system on 12 July-18 August 2016. Click here for the Non-Thesis Master's Programs Academic Calendar. Click here for the Non-Thesis Master's program quotas. 






 2016-2017 Fall Term Master's Quotas


 2016-2017 Fall Term Doctorate Quotas


Note: The quotas above are to be submitted to the Senate. Applications are not available for the programs where no quota is announced.  





-Please submit a valid and updated  information (email, phone number, etc.). You will be contacted via that informat,on throughout your education here. 


-Please read our Application Regulations carefully before applying. 


-If your GPA is out of 4 but you submit its equivalent (e.g. given by your own university) out of 100, your application will be invalid


-A candidate who does not take the entrance exam is considered unsuccessful.  


-Candidates who are announced to be admitted must submit the documents of the information given during the e-application. If the required documents are not submitted during the registration or if the information given and the information on the documents do not match, the right for registration of the candidate will be cancelled. 


-Candidates who do not have a language proficiency certificate may take the test held by Yildiz Technical University Continuing Education Center (YTÜ-SEM) on 18 June 2016. Click here for details. Please note that this certificate is valid for Turkish-medium programs.


Note: The above-mentioned language test will be announced before the deadline of the e-application period. Candidates who get a sufficient score will be able to submit their applications before the period ends. 


e-Application System


-You must create an account on our e-Application System to be able to submit an application.