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Taking Courses from another University and Course Transferring Applications

Taking Courses From Another University:
If you would like to take courses from another university, you must officially inform us in the beginning of the term. You may fill out the form 318 for master's, and form 318 for PhD, have it approved by the head of department  and submit it to your department soon after you select courses from the other university. If you do not inform us in the beginning of the term, then the courses you take will not be transferred to your study.
Course Transferring:
If you have taken courses as a special student from our school before your registration as a regular student, or if you have taken courses from another university and would like to transfer them to your study, you must submit an application to your department with a letter and a transcript attached within the six months after your registration as a regular student. Applications after the first six months are not accepted under any circumstances.