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Student Certificate and Transcript Requests

All official documents (student certificates, transcripts, and other documents to relevant authorities) are to be submitted to our students via Online Documentation System.


-Click here for a document request.


The form is in Turkish for the time being; therefore, below is a guideline until we have the English version:

Ogrenim Durumunuz (Student Status)     > Registered (Halen Ogrenci)
                                                           > Graduated (Mezun)
Istenen Belge Tipini Seçiniz                    > Transcript
                                                           > Student Certificate
                                                           > Student Status Certificate
                                                           > To Whom It May Concern (Ilgili Makama)
Belge Hangi Dilde Hazirlansin                 > Turkish
(In what language you prefer the document)          > English
Choose your education level                   > Master's with Thesis
                                                           > Master's non-thesis
                                                           > Doctorate
Ad - Soyad (Full Name)
Student ID Number
Email Address
Mobile Number



-The requests which are done in person to our institute will not be accepted and the document will not be submitted under any circumstances.


-Student certificates are also available online on e-devlet.


-Click here for the bank account number where document fees could be paid (for former students, who have graduated). The transcripts for graduated students are prepared by Student Affairs in Davutpaşa.

-Former special students will apply for transcripts by choosing the status as "mezun" (graduated), and paying 5 TL to the bank account above.