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Academic Amnesty Law No. 659 and Provisional Clause No. 67 of Law No. 2547

The announcement of the Higher Education Council (YOK) is as follows:


"It was approved in the Executive Committee meeting on 15.07.2015 that the maximum period of the registered students is to be calculated starting from the 2014-2015 Fall Term as per the academic amnesty law no. 659 and provisional clause no. 67 of law no. 2547 which states that "The maximum period of the students who are already registered at a Higher Education Institution on the effective date of this article  is calculated regardless of the previous education duration."


However, the aforementioned provisional clause is not to be applied in the calculation of the gaduate education durations of the research assistants who are currently in the scope of OYP (Instructor Training Program), 50/d and article no:35 of the law no 2547."