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YOK Announcement Regarding the Annulment of the Academic Amnesty No. 6353

According to the announcement No. 75850160-312/40282 and dated 14.07.2015 of the Higher Education Council, the provisions related to the article 32 of law no 6569 and article 68 which has been added to the higher education law no 2547 and implementation ratione temporis of article 58 of the same law have been reported to be rearranged as follows:


Academic Amnesty applications were accepted within the scope of the law no 6569 until 26.04.2015, with this regulation amnesty applications have been evaluated within the scope of the law no 6353.


According to the information given above, the academic amnesty applications within the scope of the law no 6353 have lost validity and no application that is done after the date mentioned above is to be accepted.